DUMMY CLUB: WEEK 5 - 07/10/17

As we enter week 6 of Dummy Club both teams are starting to gradually find their feet. Not long until we start building momentum and racking up some points.

With our very own Rich Morley spending the last few days thinking about this weeks item, I was expecting big things! I was thinking to myself, is this week going to be fancy dress, build a model aeroplane or even paint an egg to look like a team mate? Unfortunately it wasn't. In fact this weeks Dummy Club is so underwhelming I am actually struggling to even type this.

This week players will be required to bring with them...wait for it...a book. Yes a book! It can be any sort of book.

Your book will need to be presented to the 1st or 2nd team designated Dummy club representative upon arrival to the changing room. Duplicate books will incur a £1 fine!

Missing Items will incur the usual £1 fine.

Note: Players need to bring their Dummy each week as well as the specified item.