DUMMY CLUB 2017/18

For the benefit of the new players Dummy Club is something we run throughout the season where every player must bring a dummy and a given item related to a weekly theme on each game weekend. If the given item is not brought then a £1 fine will be issued.

The weekly Dummy Club theme will be posted on the website, and this is the only place you will find details every week!

We will have a designated representative in the 1st team and the 2nd team. The Dummy Club rep will also have the final say on any dummy club related disputes on match day!

Over the course of the season those not taking part will not just pay a fine but gain a point against their name. These points at the end of the season will be totalled up, and the person or persons with the most points will have a very nice surprise come the end of season presentation night!

All in all Dummy Club is a bit of fun and raises money for something club related at the end of the season as well as producing some good laughes throughout the year.