DUMMY CLUB: WEEK 22 - 18/02/17

It's week 22 of Dummy Club and the business end of the season is upon us. Plenty still to play for!

This week is Hat Week. Players will be required to turn up to the game wearing a hat! Ridiculously easy Dummy Club this week so hopefully no one picks up a fine. All you have to do is turn up to the game wearing a hat when you walk into the changing room.

Below you can see L&G Cosmos' Cumbrian fashion icon sporting a Woolly Hat.

Some fun and interesting facts about Hats:

-Elisabeth I had a law according to which every person older than 7 years had to wear a cap on Sundays and holydays

-It is said that when John Hetherington wore one of the first top hats in 1797 in the streets, he was arrested for scaring the people. He ended up in court and paid 50 pounds sterling.

-Those who supply men’s hats are called hatters while those who supply women’s hats are called milliners.

-Vikings never whore horned helmets

-Matty Betteridge once tried to pass off a woolly hat as his own natural hair...

Missing Items will incur the usual £1 fine.

Note: Players need to bring their Dummy each week as well as the specified item.