DUMMY CLUB: WEEK 14 - 10/12/16

After last weeks cock up of Dummy Club (fingers pointed at Rich Morley), Week 14 see's us return to an L&G Cosmos Classic.

This week players will be required to bring with them and wear a Jaffa Cake Eye-patch. For those players who have not done this before, you are literally just making an eye-patch out of a Jaffa Cake. For those seasoned L&G players, this should be a cake walk...

1. Eye-patch

2. Jaffa Cake

Some notable eye-patch wearers:

-Snake Plissken

-Nick Fury

-Danger Mouse

-Stereotypical Pirate

Missing Items will incur the usual £1 fine.

Note: Players need to bring their Dummy each week as well as the specified item.