With the dark winter night's closing in, it is that time of the year when we move our Thursday night training sessions onto the excellent 3G facility at Cardiff University's Sports Fields.

Our first session will be on Thursday, 6th October 2016 starting at 7.00pm and will continue until the second week of December. Training will then resume at the start of January. The cost for training will be £3 per player, unless they have paid the one off season fee.

The session is outlined below:

7.00pm: Meet at Sports Fields reception

7.15pm: Fitness session (5km run)

8.00pm: 3G session

9.00pm: Finish

Note: Please ensure that you have appropriate footwear for both the Fitness session and 3G session. Due to the nature of the facility, ground staff can be strict on the footwear worn on the 3G. For information see link.

Last year we only had a small number of players regularly turn up for the fitness session at 7.00pm. This year, the fitness session will be very much part of training and players will be expected to attend unless management have been notified.

This could be a hugely exciting season for the club and we want everyone to be able to play a part in this journey.